Thursday, September 24, 2009

My connection with Well-Being sustains me and fills me with hope and life

Nymphaea sumptuosa by van swearingen

Above all things, I remember that I am always connected with All That Is and there is nothing in heaven or earth that can change that. This knowledge sustains me in times of troubled thoughts and conditions. I hold to this truth which leads me to the Light that is always present. Only Love sustains me. As I walk towards that warm Love the wrinkles of conditions are smoothed and my path is clear to me. I look for things to appreciate as I go through my day and I am provided for abundantly. I practice Well-Being techniques which encourage the Energy of Love to renew and refresh my mind and heart. I can feel this encouragement emotionally and my body responds with life-giving joy. I feel hope. Enthusiasm calls me to continue on this path. Even in what seems to be darkness there is only Light for It is the only truth. I am that I am. I am a beloved child of God and I claim my inheritance of this beautiful, wonderful kingdom of God's creation in Spirit and in Truth. I relax. All is truly well. Thank you, Beloved Friends in Spirit and in Truth, Abraham, Inner Being, and Loving Source. @>----

In appreciation

I love everything about nature. The soft drizzle that nourishes the fields and the geese that walk gracefully in the rain. The breeze that tickles the pond sending ripples that reflect the light. All the critters that go about their business of loving and making a life for themselves. The birds that sing -- stretching on their toes and opening their beaks wide to sing with every part of themselves. Life is beautiful in expression.

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