Wednesday, July 22, 2009

With love and appreciation for the beauty and joy of dolphins

Dolphin Cruise... by iujaz

Thank you Goddess for these wonderful beings which bless our world.

I am everything I need to be today

I make the best choices for myself. I approve and applaud myself. I am soothed and comforted, enthusiastic and excited as I follow the vibration of Love calling me to fulfillment..and another...and another...and another!! I have so much fun today playing and learning and being creative. I am healthy, fit and strong. My mind is filled with thoughts of Well-Being and only Well-Being comes to me. All my dreams come true. I am in divine order and beautiful, fun timing! I extend Well-Being into the world in every thing I do. My day flows beautifully from one moment to the next and I am content with all that is and excited for more :)

Thank you for every good thing, my Darling Friends in spirit and in truth, The Brotherhood of the Fifth Dimension, Abraham, my Inner Being, God Goddess All That Is, my Dear Animal Friends, angels and the beings of Light that are my Beloved Family.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I claim my power

The Mighty Kings River by Laura Travels

I am a master deliberate creator. I claim my power. I claim my wholeness with Well-Being. I am good and all that I desire is good. I extend my vision to the world in which I dwell and love flows through it all -- a beautiful, clear sparkling river of love flows through it. All Is Truly Well.