Thursday, May 28, 2009

$100 bills

My Winnings by IrisDragon

Isn't this stack of $100 bills fun?!!!

Just two or three days after I first discovered Abraham I found a crisp $100 bill on the sidewalk. There was no one around -- no cars or houses near. It was just laying there and Ben Franklin was looking at me with that little smile of his. So I picked him up and took him home.

Then two or three weeks later I was looking for something in my desk, lifted the plastic pencil tray and there was another $100 bill under it! I didn't move the tray a lot, but I had looked under there several times before. Maybe I had stashed the bill there and it had been stuck to the bottom of the tray -- or maybe -- just maybe the faeries of the Universe put it there.

Then I started getting $100 bills as birthday and Christmas gifts. I told my niece one time and she said, "Oh you and your hundred dollar bills!"


A $100 bill seems like such abundance to me. I like looking at this generous stack and thinking of the fun spending it. House on the beach? Yes! Cabin in the woods. Sure! Abraham cruise. You got it!

I can feel those packs of crisp $100's in my hand. I can feel the weight of them as I pick up packs and let them fall back into the pile. I can feel the bills against my fingers and hear them rustle as I fan the end of a pack with my thumb.

Can you?