Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life is unexpected

The Path to Happiness by Starfires

Following my path leads me to new experiences and new situations. Well-Being is the wind that fills my sails, the solid ground beneath my feet, the Light that guides me wherever I go. My inner spiritual Self and the Divine talk to me in the energy of feelings and the voice within that answers when I call. When I feel entangled in thoughts that disturb my peace of mind, I don't feel concerned. Like a pilot who corrects his course, I choose a better feeling thought and then another until I am in a better feeling place. I love feeling good and I bask in the warm love of happiness and look forward with eagerness for the next adventure in life.

All is well.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I am calm and at peace, floating in Well-Being

Float by aussiegall

I am at peace in the calm, sure focus on who I am in truth. I can enjoy this life experience because I am always aware of the truth of who I am. I focus on Me as Source and I feel that life-giving Energy flowing into my mind and body. My emotions naturally lift and I feel joy. I practice Well-Being as I choose each thought. For those thoughts that don't please me I choose another that feels better and I quickly and easily bob and float in the calmness of Well-Being. I feel joy for I have learned that peace, surety, comfort, love, passion and all aspects of Well-Being are mine and all I have to do is focus on it. Well-Being is within and without for there is only oneness. I am my own sparkling Universe of joy and delight, magic and moonlight. I am comfortable and happy as joy flows through me. I am confident. Nothing is beyond me and all I desire is within me. I am intuitive, intelligent and bright. My light shines clearly and I am at peace. All good things flow to me and I am excited to unwrap the gift of each day. Thank you for your love, Beloved God Goddess All That Is. Thank you, Darling Abraham, Dear Inner Being and my Vibrational Family and Friends in spirit and in truth.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I call and Well-Being answers

Apophysis-Pink Heart by HocusFocusClick

I call on the Well-Being that is who I am in Truth to flow through me to nourish me and enrich my experience. I am in partnership with Well-Being and I have the desire to extend this beautiful Energy into this world, to shine for my own sake so that I experience here who I am in truth and also to meet the Well-Being of others as it rises up in response. We are the creative storm that clears the air. We are passionate and alive. We are the ones who make a stand for Love in this physical experience. We make mistakes. We try again. We persevere. We glory in our individual perspectives as we walk our path together, for there is only Oneness.

I call on this Energy to flow through me this day, this Now. I am focused on Well-Being and All Is Well.

Thank you blessed Father Mother God All That Is, Dear Beloved Friend and the Grace of My Heart.