Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I call and Well-Being answers

Apophysis-Pink Heart by HocusFocusClick

I call on the Well-Being that is who I am in Truth to flow through me to nourish me and enrich my experience. I am in partnership with Well-Being and I have the desire to extend this beautiful Energy into this world, to shine for my own sake so that I experience here who I am in truth and also to meet the Well-Being of others as it rises up in response. We are the creative storm that clears the air. We are passionate and alive. We are the ones who make a stand for Love in this physical experience. We make mistakes. We try again. We persevere. We glory in our individual perspectives as we walk our path together, for there is only Oneness.

I call on this Energy to flow through me this day, this Now. I am focused on Well-Being and All Is Well.

Thank you blessed Father Mother God All That Is, Dear Beloved Friend and the Grace of My Heart.