Tuesday, July 15, 2008

There is a delightful explosion of new green technologies

It is so much fun for me to see all of the new innovative green technologies. And I know there's fun for everyone involved. Scientists and inventors love to explore new ideas. It's delicious enjoyment to be on the leading edge of thought and come up with something new. There are men and women who love to dream and think and come up with the ideas and there are those that like to tinker and play and build. Since we have the Internet and YouTube, we can read about and actually see these new inventions and enjoy them, too. And men and women that find their joy in business and finance can grab onto these new ideas and bring them to reality for each of us. Those looking for jobs can be a part of this new stream of green well-being, experiencing prosperity and job satisfaction. There are good feelings all along the way. And oh, it just gets better from there! The air is clean, the water is clean, nature is treasured. And from this beginning there is an explosion of new and even better green ideas and technologies for us to enjoy.

The energy from sunlight falling on only 9 percent of California’s Mojave Desert could power all of the United States’ electricity needs... New Solar Technology Greatly Improves Performance, ENN, Environmental News Network.

Nanosolar is a company in California that produces thin rolls of solar cells. They have successfully created a solar coating that is as thin as a layer of paint, while at the same time reducing the cost of production from $3 a watt to only 30 cents per watt. For the first time in history, solar power will be cheaper than burning coal. celcius.com

How about a solar coating that could be sprayed on cars to power them or big sheets of thin solar film that could rolled out in the desert to power cities?

A car that runs 200 miles on compressed air. YouTube video.

Inflatable electric car can drive off cliffs. The company also claims it can float in a flood or tsunami. PhysOrg.com.

What will they come up with next?!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Abraham-Hicks and The Creation Box

The Magical Creation Box is Abraham-Hicks' process #2 in Ask and It is Given. Abraham advises finding a beautiful box and gathering data during the day about things you want to be, do, and have and place items that represent them in the box: pictures, notes, drawings, or objects -- anything that you desire can go into your creation box.

This blog is my virtual creation box. It's so much fun to write a rampage of appreciation. I write about what makes my heart sing and tell the Universe, "more of this please!"

The Universe is not responding to your reality. The Universe is responding to your perception of your reality and so when you deliberately take an emotional journey you offer a vibration that causes Law Of Attraction to respond to you differently.

Abraham-Hicks, Kansas City, KS, 9/14/05

99 percent of every creation is complete before there is any physical evidence.


We encourage you to play with spending 17 seconds on any topic. If you hold any thought, positive or negative, wanted or not wanted, if you hold a thought purely for 17 seconds, then at the 17 second point, another thought just like it joins it. And as these two thoughts coalesce, there is a combustion. And as these two thoughts combust, they are parlayed into one more evolved, faster vibrating thought. And when it happens, you feel it. It feels like heightened interest or enthusiasm.

If you hold that, now more evolved, thought for another 17 seconds, then when you cross that 34 second mark, the same thing happens. Another thought like the more evolved thought now joins it, and there's another combustion point. Only this time, it moves much further than it did the first time, because the two thoughts that combined were bigger to begin with. Purely hold a thought for 17 seconds until it combusts and another thought joins it, and the Energy in that combustion is equivalent to 2,000 action hours. If you work a normal 40 hour a week job, that's about what you work in a year. 17 seconds of pure thought, allowing the combustion, gives you that much Energy.

Abraham-Hicks, G-10/17/96

All quotes are copyright Abraham-Hicks Publications. Visit the official Abraham site at: http://www.abraham-hicks.com/

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


My name is Suzanne and I want to welcome you to walk with me awhile on my path as a deliberate creator.

I've been exploring the Abraham-Hicks information about deliberate reality creation for almost five years now. My blog, Finding My Way to Well-being, was about learning to understand and live these ideas. I was complete with the energy of that part of my path last fall and had been posting very irregularly. I've been in a transition phase where change was happening so rapidly I couldn't, and didn't even want to, stop and write about it.

I'm in this great place now...

...not where it's all done

...not where I know everything

...just a place where I am comfortable with these ideas and pretty darned happy to know that I create my own reality by choosing my thoughts. I'm beginning to get the feel of the joyful power of deliberately creating my life experiences.

I'm ready to play!

You are invited to join me at:

Deliberate Creating - My intention for this blog is to post insights and techniques I discover as I choose to create deliberately.

The Creation Box - I get this rush of energy when I think of this one and am really looking forward to it. My intention is to post appreciation and to be a part of the wonderful, magical manifestations in the world.

The Universe, reality and everything. Abraham talks of leading edge exploration. So, this will be my own leading edge where I think out loud about my own ideas of...well...anything to do with reality and being a non-physical being having a physical experience.

I'm having great fun with all of this and I can see much more in store.

Life really is an adventure.

With much love,