Monday, June 29, 2009

I remember who I am

Today I thoroughly understand. I bask in the good feelings and remember they are the song of my Inner Being calling me to my desires. This is the alignment that I seek, the joyous vibration that is truly me. Now I have fun! I am a master creator, a magician who conjures forth delicious experiences, loving feelings to bask in, and delightful things to have and do. Life rolls out a red carpet, holds out it's arm and escorts me to a banquet of delightful experiences. All those lovely things I desire come to me. I treasure them and enjoy them. I share them with others generously. I am happy, satisfied, and whole in my beingness with my Beloved Inner Being and Source Energy. I truly enjoy this physical experience in this body and appreciate every breath, every movement, and the wondrous working of every process. I am now finally who I want to be -- I am my Self living this experience, a golden glowing expression of Love Energy manifested and walking this earth.

This is the time, right now, for I have awakened and remember who I am.

All Is Truly Well.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Money throws a celebration for me

Young clown throwing confettis at me by looking4poetry

I bask in the center of a rich and generous Universe. Money forms a joyful parade and marches into my life in big floppy shoes, wigs and funny hats. Benjamin Franklin rides a Founding Father's float and throws $100 bills at me. George Washington and Alexander Hamilton bring me big bags of money as they do intricate parade routines in little black cars.

Money has fun on it's way to me. It sneaks into my purse when I'm not looking, waits in anticipation and jumps out yelling, "Surprise!!"

Money lines up jostling and snickering behind the lottery ticket I buy. What a happy, noisy lottery ticket!

Money throws a celebration for me. It shoots off dazzling fireworks to delight me. It buys me gifts.

I am a magnet for money and it comes to me flying with beautiful fairy wings, clumping in brown work boots, and tap dancing to me across a wooden stage. It sits comfortably as it rolls to me in a big hay wagon pulled by percherons. Money drifts and twirls merrily around me from a clear, blue sky. It sings and dances it's way to me. I am free. There is abundance of every good thing.

I bask in the center of a generous and loving Universe where all dreams are treasured and every good thing that can be imagined is granted. I relax in the warm glow of eternal and never-ending Love.

Through me to you and through you to me. Join in the comments if you want to play, too. :)

All Is Truly Well.