Monday, June 29, 2009

I remember who I am

Today I thoroughly understand. I bask in the good feelings and remember they are the song of my Inner Being calling me to my desires. This is the alignment that I seek, the joyous vibration that is truly me. Now I have fun! I am a master creator, a magician who conjures forth delicious experiences, loving feelings to bask in, and delightful things to have and do. Life rolls out a red carpet, holds out it's arm and escorts me to a banquet of delightful experiences. All those lovely things I desire come to me. I treasure them and enjoy them. I share them with others generously. I am happy, satisfied, and whole in my beingness with my Beloved Inner Being and Source Energy. I truly enjoy this physical experience in this body and appreciate every breath, every movement, and the wondrous working of every process. I am now finally who I want to be -- I am my Self living this experience, a golden glowing expression of Love Energy manifested and walking this earth.

This is the time, right now, for I have awakened and remember who I am.

All Is Truly Well.


Annie said...

really lovely and the last post had me smiling :-).

Suzanne said...

I write intentions like these every day. They feel so good! I'm glad you enjoy them.

Both of the money posts were so much fun to write. A picture of a $100 bill with Benjamin Franklin wearing a big red nose popped into my mind when I wrote that. Who knew money was so sneakily playful!