Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I feel the truth that All Is Well

return of the light by alicepopkorn

I stand in the feeling that All Is Well and the mists clear. I see those things that I desire. They were there all the time and now I see them clearly. I am in my rightful place, standing on the solid ground of who I am in spirit and in truth. This is what I want, this feeling, this being who I am. Now I play and explore -- riding the energy of my desires to manifestation and another and another and another! I have fun. I play. I am balanced in my joy, enthusiasm and positive expectation as I frolic in this physical experience. Life is good and I look forward to the future with eager anticipation. Above all I am at peace and centered in my true nature, a child of Glorious Goodness and Love eternal and everlasting. I am comfortable with feeling good and bask in this delicious experience of my blended state with my Inner Being. I am all that I need to be. I AM. Thank you Dear Inner Being, All That Is, Animal Friends, The Brotherhood of the Fifth Dimension, Darling Abraham, and my Beloved Vibrational Family and Friends. @>----

I love this cool, windy fall day.
I love my delightful daydreams and visions
I love nature and trees and geese and ducks and ponds and estuaries and fingers of land and clouds and sun and moon and stars
I love comets and oceans and the fish and creatures of the sea
I love adventures and mysteries and exploring
I love being happy right here and now, just as I am
I love being happy with life

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I am in the Vortex and Well-Being is mine

Dolphin Song by jervetson

New perspectives open in my mind and life. This loving Universe beckons me into the stream of Well-Being with warm living love. I am a porpoise, a surfer, an otter, a seal in the waters of life. I understand the truth now that there is only the stream of Well-Being and I am in it and of it. I understand that the techniques Darling Abe has been talking about support me in turning to the stream and riding the Energy of my desires. I understand my partnership with Well-Being for Well-Being is me and I am expressing in this physical experience so that Well-Being and I may play! We have fun together exploring this physical world and it's expression. I have big things to do and I go forth with eagerness and willingness to be the Light in this world that I was meant to be and that we all are. Thank you Beloved Inner Being and Well-Being in all of your loving, beautiful, and magical expressions. Thank you, thank you, thank you that you are the Truth. @>----

I appreciate Esther and Abraham and Jerry for their co-creative love and information
I adore geese and ducks
I love cats of all sizes and kinds
I love the earth and nature, trees and ferns, flowers and sunshine
I love the stars and moon and comets and the creative space between them
I love the adventuring nature of Reid Stowe
I love having fun and playing. I love theme parks and climbing and exploring and seeing beautiful new places
I love having lots of money and going to wonderful hotels and seeing fabulous museums
I love being free
I love airplanes and flying
I love walking easily and effortlessly
I love my amazing, strong, healthy body. My body is amazing!!
I love writing and the adventure of creating
I love creating crafts
I love loving myself and feeling good :)
I love you Abraham and Inner Being, Dear Friends in Spirit, Animal Friends, angels, my Darling Vibrational Family, and All That Is.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I am in love with Well-Being

Peony Frosted Pink by van swearingen

I love to feel good. My Friends in Spirit nourish me with their love and I send them mine. All That Is sends me a new perspective of positive thoughts which I treasure. I feel relief as I move from one better feeling thought to another. Well-Being answers my desires again and again. There is another ship, another welcoming hand, more love, more joy, more of every good thing here in my life and more coming to me in delicious ways. Every day is a miracle of delight and joy, health and wholeness. There is a never-ending stream of Well-Being flowing in me and through me bringing all the good feelings and experiences that I desire. I am renewed and refreshed. I remember who I am and how it all works and my heart is filled with gratitude. I feel good in every way. Thank you All That Is, Abraham, Inner Being, Animal Friends, The Brotherhood of the Fifth Dimension, and my Beloved Vibrational Family.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My connection with Well-Being sustains me and fills me with hope and life

Nymphaea sumptuosa by van swearingen

Above all things, I remember that I am always connected with All That Is and there is nothing in heaven or earth that can change that. This knowledge sustains me in times of troubled thoughts and conditions. I hold to this truth which leads me to the Light that is always present. Only Love sustains me. As I walk towards that warm Love the wrinkles of conditions are smoothed and my path is clear to me. I look for things to appreciate as I go through my day and I am provided for abundantly. I practice Well-Being techniques which encourage the Energy of Love to renew and refresh my mind and heart. I can feel this encouragement emotionally and my body responds with life-giving joy. I feel hope. Enthusiasm calls me to continue on this path. Even in what seems to be darkness there is only Light for It is the only truth. I am that I am. I am a beloved child of God and I claim my inheritance of this beautiful, wonderful kingdom of God's creation in Spirit and in Truth. I relax. All is truly well. Thank you, Beloved Friends in Spirit and in Truth, Abraham, Inner Being, and Loving Source. @>----

In appreciation

I love everything about nature. The soft drizzle that nourishes the fields and the geese that walk gracefully in the rain. The breeze that tickles the pond sending ripples that reflect the light. All the critters that go about their business of loving and making a life for themselves. The birds that sing -- stretching on their toes and opening their beaks wide to sing with every part of themselves. Life is beautiful in expression.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I live in blended bliss

Apophysis-Butterflies by HocusPocusClick

My vibration is a joyful hum in harmony with my loving Self, my Beloved Inner Being, my personal expression of the Well-Being that is All There Is. I turn to things I appreciate to see and do and enjoy. I think loving thoughts. I make good choices. I remember how to play in this world, to see the platform of past creations that are around me, to selectively sift what pleases me, and shoot off those rockets of desire for more. I am an expression of the Well-Being that is All There Is and I take joy in each and every moment. I create my own world and that world is good, very good. I have abundance of every good thing. I do make the right choices for me for health, happiness, wealth, love and fun in every way. My body is strong, agile, and fit. I look beautiful. My skin is healthy and my body is robust. I am balanced in every way. There is only fun here for me and I go forth to play and enjoy the day.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I am confident and comfortable where I am and eager for more!

Scoot & Sunday at Bellever by oddsock

I am confident because I know that it's a sure thing. I am comfortable because I know that all I need is already provided. I am excited because I enjoy the ride on the stream of Well-Being and I can feel that good stuff coming. The Universe loves to play and so do I. My body is strong and healthy, agile and fit, and I am filled with the most wonderful feeling of Well-Being. I have all I need or want. I am nourished by the wild beauty of nature and mother earth. I am a loving person to myself and others and I have warm relationships of the heart. I am a blessing and I am blessed. My natural expression of Well-Being uplifts others. I enjoy the ride that is this wonderful life experience. Thank you, Dear Abraham, Inner Being, All That Is and all of my Friends in Spirit and in Truth. @>----

Monday, September 7, 2009

I remember how this works and have a lot more fun with it all

Alexandra by jurvetson

I remember that I never get it done and I relax and enjoy the journey. I remember that it's a sure thing and I look forward to the gift of each moment. I remember that we each create in our own dimension. I have everything I need and everyone else has everything they need. I remember that I have loving Friends in Spirit to support and assist me. I remember that my true nature is love. I remember that I am safe and loved and that this life is meant to be an adventure. I remember that joy is my purpose and I choose thoughts that fill me with happiness. I remember that there is so much fun I want to have and that it is mine. I remember all that I appreciate and love and I am uplifted. I remember how extraordinarily beautiful this world is and my heart is touched by the beauty I see. I remember who I am and that the truth is love and I am comforted. I remember that summoning the energy is what the journey is all about. I remember how to summon and ride the energy. I remember how to have fun. I remember how to love myself. I remember how to allow myself to be loved. If I look back Abraham and my Inner Being remind me to turn around. I remember. I say Yes! I am optimistic. I am happy.

Thank you, Darlings. @>----

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I have fun today

beach feet by Micah A. Ponce

I play, I frolic, I have wonderful day dreams, I do things I want to do when I want to do them. I eat delicious fresh food :) I read words that entertain, inspire and delight me. I have fun watching movies and visiting with friends. I'm healthy, I'm happy, I do everything right and I feel good all along the way. I'm in the groove, baby! I don't have to do a single thing today except feel good. That's it. That's all there is. I don't have to worry about things done or undone, missed or lost or found, hidden or out in the open for everyone to see, up in the air or buried deep -- because itz all good. I'm copacetic. I'm living, breathing harmony. I am the golden hum that fills the air on a beautiful day. The cells in my body and every level of my being vibrate in tune. I am a living symphony, poetry in motion, beautiful to behold. I am everything I could possibly be and more. I am All There Is and All There Is is me.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I blend and harmonize with Love

A Glorious Day by jurvetson

I live in a state of increasing joy as I remember who I am. I am an expression of the Awakening, harmonizing with the Well-Being that flows freely into this physical experience. Love bathes and comforts every level of my being and I feel happy, optimistic, and energetic. All that I need or could use comes to me easily and effortlessly. I am free to play and enjoy this experience. In blended joy I expand into Love. :) Life is fabulous!

From my heart with appreciation and love to you, my Beloved Vibrational Family.