Sunday, September 27, 2009

I am in the Vortex and Well-Being is mine

Dolphin Song by jervetson

New perspectives open in my mind and life. This loving Universe beckons me into the stream of Well-Being with warm living love. I am a porpoise, a surfer, an otter, a seal in the waters of life. I understand the truth now that there is only the stream of Well-Being and I am in it and of it. I understand that the techniques Darling Abe has been talking about support me in turning to the stream and riding the Energy of my desires. I understand my partnership with Well-Being for Well-Being is me and I am expressing in this physical experience so that Well-Being and I may play! We have fun together exploring this physical world and it's expression. I have big things to do and I go forth with eagerness and willingness to be the Light in this world that I was meant to be and that we all are. Thank you Beloved Inner Being and Well-Being in all of your loving, beautiful, and magical expressions. Thank you, thank you, thank you that you are the Truth. @>----

I appreciate Esther and Abraham and Jerry for their co-creative love and information
I adore geese and ducks
I love cats of all sizes and kinds
I love the earth and nature, trees and ferns, flowers and sunshine
I love the stars and moon and comets and the creative space between them
I love the adventuring nature of Reid Stowe
I love having fun and playing. I love theme parks and climbing and exploring and seeing beautiful new places
I love having lots of money and going to wonderful hotels and seeing fabulous museums
I love being free
I love airplanes and flying
I love walking easily and effortlessly
I love my amazing, strong, healthy body. My body is amazing!!
I love writing and the adventure of creating
I love creating crafts
I love loving myself and feeling good :)
I love you Abraham and Inner Being, Dear Friends in Spirit, Animal Friends, angels, my Darling Vibrational Family, and All That Is.


Karen- The Graphics Fairy said...

What a lovely place you have here! Thank you for reminding me of the Hicks and Abraham. I have two of their books but haven't looked at them in awhile. I had forgotten how much I enjoy the teachings of Abraham. Thanks for visiting my blog too and leaving such kind comments.

Suzanne said...

Welcome, Karen. It's so much fun to find others who enjoy Abraham. I've read some of their books, but I especially like listening to the tapes and DVDs. It all makes such good sense.

You are inspiring and I love visiting your blog! Thank you for visiting.