Sunday, November 8, 2009

Love is all around me

This is my promise.... Il canto della voce è dolce, ma il canto del cuore è la pura voce dei cieli by Valentina Photography

I am comforted and uplifted by the loving presence of my Vibrational Family and Friends in Spirit. I feel their encouragement that all is well. They focus on me and I feel the truth of who they are and the message they send me. I am encouraged. I know I am never alone and I appreciate that. I remember to look for things to appreciate and I find them. I remember that God is at work through the crack of least resistance in EVERY situation and that Well-Being is the only destination. I am doing the right things. I do feel better. I am harmonizing with Love. I am allowing more good things every day. I am intuitive. I do hear the voice of God clearly. I am a fabulous creator and deserve a fabulous life. I turn to God and let God carry me away in the stream of Well-Being. I am guided to fun and adventure. Thoughts that feel good flow easily into my mind. My heart is gladdened and I am uplifted. Above all things I remember that All Is Well. And it is. Thank you Abraham, Inner Being, All That Is, The Brotherhood of the Fifth Dimension, My Vibrational Family and Friends, my Animal Friends, Gray Eagle, Wolf and angels. Thank you. @>----