Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Appreciation for Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction

Since discovering Abraham five years ago my life has gotten better and better. I love feeling good. I love feeling free and having control over my thoughts and feelings. I enjoy talking to my Inner Being. I appreciate the companionship and comfort in my relationship to the Love and Light Being that is my non-physical Self. I adore the feeling of alignment and connection with All That Is. I have such fun when I ask and the Law of Attraction manager brings me my desire in unexpected and playful ways. I am so thankful that LOA is how things work and that life is meant to be easy and joyful. I feel wonder that all that I ask for is mine, just lined up waiting for Divine Timing and for me to feel safe in allowing goodness to flow in and through my life. It's mine! And yes, Abraham, I'm beginning to appreciate the value of contrast. I love that feeling of relief in letting go of old, outmoded thinking and opening the window to let in a new, fresh perspective. I love understanding that contrast is a matter of perspective. Nothing to get upset about --I get to choose whatever I want. I appreciate how much better I feel each day and that there is no limit to how good I can feel! I feel so much love and appreciation for the natural beauty and spiritual consciousness that shines to us from our mother-earth. I love knowing there is only a stream of Well-Being and that I am free to flow with it. I enjoy the excitement of the leading edge of thought and the comfort of the physical world. I'm glad I chose this life experience in such interesting times where the world is going to a new place it has never been before.

Thank you, darling Abraham. Thank you beloved All That Is. I am so thankful You are the truth.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Internet connects me to a global community

The Internet is abundance in expression. I discover fascinating people all over the world. I appreciate the new ideas that are given to me in ways that are entertaining and easy to understand. I have found work I enjoy and appreciate the flow of money. There are resources for any information that I am seeking. I am energized by the words, thoughts, feelings, and creativity of others. I can be a part of the adventure of others exploring their own nature and the physical world.

There are YouTube videos where I can see any good thing I desire: speeches by a political candidate, do it yourself directions, comedy routines, and new inventions. I love animals and the videos that show their loving side: that they form friendships between species, have wisdom, and are expressions of the same Love that we are.

I appreciate this answer our loving Universe has given to each and every one of us -- the answer to our desire to know our connection to each other and All That Is. The answer to our desires to express creativity and ideas that we might not be able to where we live. The answer to our desire to reach out and find like minded souls -- to form communities. Here we are free to be who we are -- anonymously or by name. Here we are unlimited in what we can be, do, or have -- dream it and we are given the resources to make it happen. Age doesn't matter, appearance doesn't matter, physical wellness doesn't matter, money doesn't even matter -- we can go to the library and the Internet is free.

Printed books changed the world giving the common man access to information only allowed to a few. All of us that use the Internet are a part of a revolution in creating a global community. I feel the wonder of living in these times where the world is changed and will never be the same again. In whatever way we play our part, we are creating this new world.

These are such exciting times!

Here is a selection of the abundance available:

Like to write? Here's my favorite writer's forum: Absolute Write Water Cooler. Writers at all levels having fun and sharing advice, experiences, and resources.

Join Reid Stowe in his adventure sailing 1000 Days at Sea on his schooner Anne. Reid has been sailing almost 500 days, survived sails ripping, stormy seas as he sailed under Africa, his partner Soanya leaving ship to have their baby, and is now in warmer waters in the Pacific.

Wikipedia. The content can be written and edited by any person around the world. Disagreements about content are clearly noted. I like the range of information, how current it is, and the freedom I have to read the dissenting information and make up my own mind.

The Cloud Appreciation Society. Spectacular photos of clouds from all over the world: mother-of-pearl nacreous clouds over Norway, beautiful sunsets and sunrises, roll clouds, fallstreak holes, and my favorites, the spaceship-shaped lenticulars.

iHerb.com. High quality supplements, herbs, and vitamins at the best discount I've seen. Great service.

And just for fun, twin baby moose play in a sprinkler