Saturday, September 27, 2008

In appreciation for Barack Obama and the political process

I watched Barack Obama's acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention and felt so much appreciation for him. He is indeed the answer to my desire for an inspiring leader. I really appreciated his firm stance on what he intends to do and why. He makes a clear call to the Universe about what he wants and his belief that we can do it. I appreciate the diversity of his background and comfort with people of different races and religions. More than any other candidate or president, he has diverse life experiences that allow him to understand other cultures and points of view. He is a man for this time of global community. His tenure in the senate has given him experience in our political process and how our system works. He has made contacts with officials of all levels in other countries. He has formed relationships that are powerful in getting things done. He is honest about who he is and has written about his life in more detail than any other presidential candidate. I appreciate his call for unity which is at the heart of our spiritual nature. I appreciate that he looks for the underlying cause of problems and therefore we have a chance to find real solutions. I appreciate his leadership style and confidence. He likes to surround himself with men and women who offer their opinions freely. He values discussion and yet there is no doubt that he makes his own decisions. I also appreciate our political process where information is available easily, where we can view speeches in full without interpretation on YouTube, C-SPAN, or news sites. I appreciate political analysts and my freedom to agree or disagree. And most of all, I appreciate that my vote counts. I love to vote!

My intention is to add to the well-being of the political process by supporting positive solutions, to participate with joy and enthusiasm, and to vote with much appreciation.