Saturday, October 31, 2009

I am always connected to God

Meditation by alicepopkorn

It is this connection that I remember in my heart and mind. My body responds joyously to the stream of Well-Being that flows gently to each and every cell and through every process. I am comforted as I remember who I am, a being of Light and Love focused in this physical experience for the joy of playing in this creative mix. I orient myself to the North Star of Love and am carried away in the loving arms of my Beloved Inner Being and All That Is. I remember that all my prayers and desires are answered. I trust myself for I always reach for the Light. I allow myself to play, reach new conclusions and to come into harmony with them. I am a leading edge creator and I now remember how to be up to speed with who I am in truth. I relax as I feel the truth of these statements. It all falls into place for me. There is no need for worry for All Is Well. Thank you, Darling Abraham, my Beloved Inner Being, All That Is, Gray Eagle, Wolf, angels, my Animal Friends, and my Dear, Dear Vibrational Family and my much loved friends The Brotherhood of the Fifth Dimension. Thank you. @>----

Friday, October 30, 2009

Whatever road I choose is the right road

Dee's Deep Creek Shot Mont's OOB by Montwerx

I have remembered that there is only Now and that everything I could ever want or need has already been provided. I appreciate the good that flows abundantly into my life right Now. And with even more delight I recognize that the Universe has set it all up so that everything works in my favor.

I let go of any negative teachings from the past or warnings of the future -- those times don't exist -- only Now. I look to my own feelings and desires and realize if it is my desire it is right for me. This loving Universe supports me.

It is safe for me to say no
It is safe for me to say yes
It is safe for me to have desires
It is safe for me to choose
Life supports me in feeling good

Father Mother God flows Well-Being through paperwork, bureaucracies and every single condition in my life.

I am wildly successful in ways that bring me joy.
I am prospered in magical ways.
I am a conjurer of good things to be, do and have.

My days are marvelous, wonderful, beautiful!

Thank you Darling Abraham, Inner Being, Gray Eagle, Wolf, Brotherhood of the Fifth Dimension, All That Is, God Goddess Father Mother God. @>----

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day: Climate change and The Law of Attraction

Most beautiful show at sea by Madeira

Mother Earth is a living being who is making her ascension into the higher vibration of the awakening, as we all are. As she goes through changes of transition, I support her by remembering that the Love of Source Energy is expressed in everything I see. I call this Love into expression in the air and sea, the earth and sky by my appreciation and the Law of Attraction brings me more. Of all things, I love feeling Oneness with Well-Being best. I love the feeling of wholeness and expansion when I am focused on the stream of Well-Being. I direct my world and my experience by my thoughts and I choose thoughts of love and appreciation. I love clouds and rain, the beasts of the field, trees and bumblebees, and the incredible balance of nature. My body and spirit are nourished by this beautiful blue and green planet. I am what I love.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I am the vibration of Well-Being

Harmony & Balance by HocusFocusClick

I turn downstream with joy and am encouraged at every turn. I am so attuned to Well-Being that I can actually feel the stream of Love Energy and the presence of my Inner Being and Vibrational Family. They are here around me. It is so easy and natural now. I can feel the Energy flowing around me and through me. I can feel I am that Energy, too. I relax and let the Energy soothe and nurture my body and my spirit. I can feel that I am a Light Being walking in this physical experience. I give my body to the Light totally and completely and without reservation knowing that Love takes care of everything gently and with grace. I know the truth that All Is Well. I rest easily and enjoy this beautiful moment for Love is All There Is. Thank you Beloved Vibrational Family and Friends, The Brotherhood of the Fifth Dimension, angels, Gray Eagle, Wolf, Divine All That Is and my Darling Inner Being.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I am focused on Well-Being

Rock Gap Rd, West Virginia by David Clow - Maryland

I am effective, successful and happy as I focus on Well-Being. I ride the stream of Energy to my desires. Woohoo! I look for things to appreciate in every segment of the day and I find them everywhere. All that I desire flows into my life for my delight. I am comfortable and happy with feeling good. I love when my desires manifest and I love anticipating them. I just have fun all along the way! I open to Well-Being more and more and more. I remember who I am and how this all works and I have fun with it all. I am so healthy! My body is fit and agile, strong and vibrant with life-giving Energy. My home is peaceful and quiet. I hear the birds and the wind in the trees. The life I want, that fits the best of me is all around me. My future is bright and beautiful. I have finally caught up to the life that I was meant to live and the way I intended to be. There are only good things for me and for my world. I am filled with love and wonder and breathless joy at the Love of God in me and moving through me and every area of my life and my world. Thank you, Beloved All That Is, Abraham, Inner Being, Animal Friends, The Brotherhood of the Fifth Dimension, Gray Eagle, Wolf, and my Loving Vibrational Family and Friends. @>----

I glory in this fabulous day!!!!!