Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I am the vibration of Well-Being

Harmony & Balance by HocusFocusClick

I turn downstream with joy and am encouraged at every turn. I am so attuned to Well-Being that I can actually feel the stream of Love Energy and the presence of my Inner Being and Vibrational Family. They are here around me. It is so easy and natural now. I can feel the Energy flowing around me and through me. I can feel I am that Energy, too. I relax and let the Energy soothe and nurture my body and my spirit. I can feel that I am a Light Being walking in this physical experience. I give my body to the Light totally and completely and without reservation knowing that Love takes care of everything gently and with grace. I know the truth that All Is Well. I rest easily and enjoy this beautiful moment for Love is All There Is. Thank you Beloved Vibrational Family and Friends, The Brotherhood of the Fifth Dimension, angels, Gray Eagle, Wolf, Divine All That Is and my Darling Inner Being.


M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Hi Suzanne,
Thanks for stopping by today. I got a kick out of you loving the googly-eyed pumpkin, because I LOVE stuff like that too. It's always good to giggle. : )

Suzanne said...

Dear M.L.

Your blog is always a treat for me. You liked the googly eyes, too? Ah, a kindred "spirit." LOL. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

Wishing you joy in your creating,

October 11

Karen- The Graphics Fairy said...

This is beautiful Suzanne! I always feel a lighter and more joyful after visiting your blog. Your blogs are such a gift!

Suzanne said...

Karen, I treasure that comment because I feel the same from your blog. There are a few craft and homesteading blogs I love to visit because of all of the love and joy they just radiate -- as well as the lovely crafts and recipes they share.

Thank you for visiting! I appreciate you stopping by and saying hello. Wishing you much joy today and always,