Friday, October 30, 2009

Whatever road I choose is the right road

Dee's Deep Creek Shot Mont's OOB by Montwerx

I have remembered that there is only Now and that everything I could ever want or need has already been provided. I appreciate the good that flows abundantly into my life right Now. And with even more delight I recognize that the Universe has set it all up so that everything works in my favor.

I let go of any negative teachings from the past or warnings of the future -- those times don't exist -- only Now. I look to my own feelings and desires and realize if it is my desire it is right for me. This loving Universe supports me.

It is safe for me to say no
It is safe for me to say yes
It is safe for me to have desires
It is safe for me to choose
Life supports me in feeling good

Father Mother God flows Well-Being through paperwork, bureaucracies and every single condition in my life.

I am wildly successful in ways that bring me joy.
I am prospered in magical ways.
I am a conjurer of good things to be, do and have.

My days are marvelous, wonderful, beautiful!

Thank you Darling Abraham, Inner Being, Gray Eagle, Wolf, Brotherhood of the Fifth Dimension, All That Is, God Goddess Father Mother God. @>----

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