Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day: Climate change and The Law of Attraction

Most beautiful show at sea by Madeira

Mother Earth is a living being who is making her ascension into the higher vibration of the awakening, as we all are. As she goes through changes of transition, I support her by remembering that the Love of Source Energy is expressed in everything I see. I call this Love into expression in the air and sea, the earth and sky by my appreciation and the Law of Attraction brings me more. Of all things, I love feeling Oneness with Well-Being best. I love the feeling of wholeness and expansion when I am focused on the stream of Well-Being. I direct my world and my experience by my thoughts and I choose thoughts of love and appreciation. I love clouds and rain, the beasts of the field, trees and bumblebees, and the incredible balance of nature. My body and spirit are nourished by this beautiful blue and green planet. I am what I love.

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