Sunday, September 13, 2009

I live in blended bliss

Apophysis-Butterflies by HocusPocusClick

My vibration is a joyful hum in harmony with my loving Self, my Beloved Inner Being, my personal expression of the Well-Being that is All There Is. I turn to things I appreciate to see and do and enjoy. I think loving thoughts. I make good choices. I remember how to play in this world, to see the platform of past creations that are around me, to selectively sift what pleases me, and shoot off those rockets of desire for more. I am an expression of the Well-Being that is All There Is and I take joy in each and every moment. I create my own world and that world is good, very good. I have abundance of every good thing. I do make the right choices for me for health, happiness, wealth, love and fun in every way. My body is strong, agile, and fit. I look beautiful. My skin is healthy and my body is robust. I am balanced in every way. There is only fun here for me and I go forth to play and enjoy the day.



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I like that, Melba. Very sweet.