Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I am confident and comfortable where I am and eager for more!

Scoot & Sunday at Bellever by oddsock

I am confident because I know that it's a sure thing. I am comfortable because I know that all I need is already provided. I am excited because I enjoy the ride on the stream of Well-Being and I can feel that good stuff coming. The Universe loves to play and so do I. My body is strong and healthy, agile and fit, and I am filled with the most wonderful feeling of Well-Being. I have all I need or want. I am nourished by the wild beauty of nature and mother earth. I am a loving person to myself and others and I have warm relationships of the heart. I am a blessing and I am blessed. My natural expression of Well-Being uplifts others. I enjoy the ride that is this wonderful life experience. Thank you, Dear Abraham, Inner Being, All That Is and all of my Friends in Spirit and in Truth. @>----

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