Wednesday, July 9, 2008


My name is Suzanne and I want to welcome you to walk with me awhile on my path as a deliberate creator.

I've been exploring the Abraham-Hicks information about deliberate reality creation for almost five years now. My blog, Finding My Way to Well-being, was about learning to understand and live these ideas. I was complete with the energy of that part of my path last fall and had been posting very irregularly. I've been in a transition phase where change was happening so rapidly I couldn't, and didn't even want to, stop and write about it.

I'm in this great place now...

...not where it's all done

...not where I know everything

...just a place where I am comfortable with these ideas and pretty darned happy to know that I create my own reality by choosing my thoughts. I'm beginning to get the feel of the joyful power of deliberately creating my life experiences.

I'm ready to play!

You are invited to join me at:

Deliberate Creating - My intention for this blog is to post insights and techniques I discover as I choose to create deliberately.

The Creation Box - I get this rush of energy when I think of this one and am really looking forward to it. My intention is to post appreciation and to be a part of the wonderful, magical manifestations in the world.

The Universe, reality and everything. Abraham talks of leading edge exploration. So, this will be my own leading edge where I think out loud about my own ideas of...well...anything to do with reality and being a non-physical being having a physical experience.

I'm having great fun with all of this and I can see much more in store.

Life really is an adventure.

With much love,



Laura said...

Hi Suzanne!!!
A friend of mine just sent me the link to your blog and I am so happy reading you, you have so much wonderful things written and in a very inspirational way.
I love your pictures and the fact that you mention the photographer.
Thanks a lot for sharing all this and I think I will be coming often for inspiration!!!
You are amazing!!!

Suzanne said...

Welcome Laura! Your enthusiasm and joy just shine out. My appreciation for Abraham grows every day and it's definitely my pleasure to share it. It's so much fun to share with others.

I think the pictures are amazing, too. There are amateur and professional photographers on Flickr who offer their work with a creative commons license allowing it to be republished. I appreciate the abundance and beauty they offer just for the joy of it.

I'm so glad to meet you and walk together with you awhile. Thank you for your kind words! May you find Well-Being and magic wherever you go. :)