Saturday, February 13, 2010

I am calm and at peace, floating in Well-Being

Float by aussiegall

I am at peace in the calm, sure focus on who I am in truth. I can enjoy this life experience because I am always aware of the truth of who I am. I focus on Me as Source and I feel that life-giving Energy flowing into my mind and body. My emotions naturally lift and I feel joy. I practice Well-Being as I choose each thought. For those thoughts that don't please me I choose another that feels better and I quickly and easily bob and float in the calmness of Well-Being. I feel joy for I have learned that peace, surety, comfort, love, passion and all aspects of Well-Being are mine and all I have to do is focus on it. Well-Being is within and without for there is only oneness. I am my own sparkling Universe of joy and delight, magic and moonlight. I am comfortable and happy as joy flows through me. I am confident. Nothing is beyond me and all I desire is within me. I am intuitive, intelligent and bright. My light shines clearly and I am at peace. All good things flow to me and I am excited to unwrap the gift of each day. Thank you for your love, Beloved God Goddess All That Is. Thank you, Darling Abraham, Dear Inner Being and my Vibrational Family and Friends in spirit and in truth.


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