Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life is unexpected

The Path to Happiness by Starfires

Following my path leads me to new experiences and new situations. Well-Being is the wind that fills my sails, the solid ground beneath my feet, the Light that guides me wherever I go. My inner spiritual Self and the Divine talk to me in the energy of feelings and the voice within that answers when I call. When I feel entangled in thoughts that disturb my peace of mind, I don't feel concerned. Like a pilot who corrects his course, I choose a better feeling thought and then another until I am in a better feeling place. I love feeling good and I bask in the warm love of happiness and look forward with eagerness for the next adventure in life.

All is well.


marie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and good luck in the glitter giveaway.

Suzanne said...

It was my pleasure, Marie. I'm enjoying reading about your creativity.