Friday, January 2, 2009

A rampage of well-being on creating

There's nothing like the delicious sensation of creating. I love thinking about a new idea. I try out different strategies in my mind and play with them, revising them as I go along to be even more pleasing to me. Then there seems to be a point of explosion when it's ready and action must take place! I lose the separateness of being in the world and regain my connection with my Inner Self as I focus on bringing my vision into my world. There is a pure joyful energy flowing through me that wants to be expressed and I mold the clay of the physical world to match it. As I work, I feel my way and make any changes to my creation until all my feelings are smooth and flowing. My creation is whole and complete. Done. There is nothing more to be added. And yet, it is incomplete. There is always more to be done, but not with this creation -- the new energy will be with the next idea -- the next creation. I am left with a feeling of happiness and joy. I love the ephemeral quality of creating. It's like a flower that blooms to be enjoyed for this moment. And there is another. And another. And another. An eternal garden to be experienced. I don't have to hold onto anything at all, but just to walk from one delicious experience to another. I love that anything at all could be a focus for me. Making up my own recipe. Writing a post. Drawing. Photography. Or just losing myself in the moment by stopping to watch a beautiful sunset. I love the feeling of success when the manifestation feels complete. I love that surrender to joy in the experience of creating and I feel eager for more. As I wrote this I realized that this is what Abraham has been describing as the process for all of the desires we have in our life. Look at anything you do that is creative. Do you take it for granted because it's easy? You probably do it for the pleasure of creating. How amazing to think that everything is that easy! Castle or button. Red car. Winning the lottery. A relationship that makes our heart sing.

Thank you darling Abraham, for reminding me of what I knew when I first came into this world -- that life is meant to be a joyful, delicious adventure that I live just for the fun of it.

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