Thursday, January 15, 2009

In appreciation of weather

Sun and Snow by Melle Plante

Today is crisp -- very crisp actually with a wind chill below zero - the air is fresh and clean. The sun is shining on a layer of new snow, the sky is clear and blue, and trees provide a dark counterpoint in this light-filled world. How could I not feel joy today? Cloudy days are full of wonder, too. The cumulonimbus clouds build up in impressive thunderheads as the warm, moist air rises thousands of feet to the stratosphere. The warm showers late in the day refresh the earth and clear the air. Lenticularis hover like spaceships over mountains and towns. From flat, slate gray slabs that cover the sky to billowy white pillows, clouds are ever changing. The light hitting them changes constantly, sometimes producing the beautiful "God's Rays" that shoot down to illuminate the earth. The rising and setting sun reflects gold, red, lavender, purple and every lovely shade between to create a beautiful moment...and another...and another -- just for your pleasure and mine. The weather all works together with nature to provide just the right conditions for life. The cold and snow kill germs and bugs while providing the cover and protection for plants and trees to hibernate for the winter. The warm rains of spring nourish new growth. The heat of summer, and rains, are needed for that push to complete the cycle of growth and on to fall for harvest. The animals, bugs, reptiles, birds -- all of us enjoy the fruits of weather. The beautiful skies, the nourishing rain and sun, sunsets and sunrises. Each moment is new, never the same, never to be repeated. Presented for our enjoyment by a loving Universe working in perfect harmony and balance. Always ours to enjoy -- for a moment or a day.

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