Monday, February 16, 2009

Appreciation for the truth of how it all works

My heart is overflowing with appreciation for the information from Abraham. I am eternally grateful that Love is the only stream that flows. I am much happier since I attracted this information and it is just getting better and better. I am so glad to remember that joy is my true purpose for this life experience and there is so much joy to be had in this beautiful world. We truly live in Eden -- all is provided abundantly and lovingly in a dizzying variety of ways. And Abraham says there is more! The Universe is constantly expanding to answer our desires. There is no limit. If we can dream it, the Universe can deliver it in this life experience. What a mind expanding thought that is!! In this beautiful, eternal moment in time I am loving the fresh, clean, cool air coming through my windows. I adore the geese and ducks that fly in to wade in the flooded field outside my apartment to forage for food and visit with each other. I appreciate my peaceful home and all of the stuff I have to comfort and entertain me. I look forward to cooking my lunch and anticipate the delicious smells and the even more delicious taste. My body is healthy and I am comfortable. And I appreciate this transformational moment in time where we are all moving to a new consciousness where we live this truth: we are spiritual beings...beings of love...who come whooshing into this earth experience for the joy of the ride.

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